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2011 BMW i3 Concept

2011 BMW i3 Concept

The BMW i3 is BMW Group's first series-produced all-electric car that focuses squarely on the mobility challenges in urban areas and, as the first premium electric vehicle, reinvents the hallmark BMW attributes for the future. (continued below)

2011 i3 Concept Photo Gallery
2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept
2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept
2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept
2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept
2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept
2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept 2011 BMW i3 Concept

All-Electric BMW i3 Embodies Intelligent Form of Urban Transportation

Source: BMW | Published: Fri Jul 29, 2011

(continued from above)

Driven purely by electric power and purpose-built to meet the demands of sustainable and emission-free mobility, the BMW i3 Concept embodies an intelligent form of urban transportation and commuting.

The BMW i3 is a well-resolved all-round concept, with every detail conceived and optimized to fulfill its eventual purpose. Its innovative LifeDrive architecture renders the BMW i3 Concept light, safe, spacious and dynamic. Innovative use of materials and intelligent lightweight design, moreover, not only enable the i3 Concept to travel long distances on a single charge and provide superb safety in the event of a collision, they also help give the car its excellent driving dynamics. The electric motor over the rear axle - which generates output of 170 hp (125 kW) and impressive torque of 184 lb-ft (250 Nm) from a standstill - and a small turning circle combine to deliver pleasingly crisp driving characteristics. The BMW i3 Concept accelerates from 0 to 37 mph in under four seconds and from rest to 60 mph in less than eight seconds.

The so-called Life module conjures up a feeling of space inside the car more generous than even the latest conversion vehicles can offer. Select materials lend the open and airy cabin a lounge-like character. The use of renewable raw materials is another defining characteristic of the interior, offering passengers a further means of "experiencing" the sustainability of the vehicle. Parts of the instrument panel and door panelling are visibly made from natural fibers, while the naturally tanned leather of the seats creates a lounge-style ambience. With four seats, wide-opening opposing "coach" doors, a boot capacity of around 200 liters and an additional functional compartment in the front, the BMW i3 Concept is neatly equipped for the demands of everyday use.

Innovative connectivity functions create a seamless connection between the BMW i3 Concept and its customers' lives outside the car. Remote functions accessible via a smartphone enable owners to find their vehicles, flag up nearby charging stations, allow battery charging and preconditioning at the touch of a button, and supply information on the current status of the vehicle. Meanwhile, intelligent assistance systems ease the stress on drivers in monotonous city driving situations and allow them to arrive at their destination more safely and in a more relaxed state of mind.

Dynamic and Compact Exterior Design

The design of the BMW i3 Concept reveals the car's qualities the first time you set eyes on it. The BMW i3 Concept represents the dynamic interpretation of an impressively practical vehicle.

Agile and compact proportions showcase the agility of the BMW i3 Concept and the dynamic prowess of its electric drive system. From the side view, the window graphics and door sills combine to create a dynamic wedge shape, giving the car the feeling of pushing forward before it even turns a wheel. From the outside, a flowing silhouette and long wheelbase hint at the extraordinarily generous levels of space on offer in the interior, while short front and rear overhangs make parking in tight spaces that much easier. Practicality gets another boost from the "coach doors", whose opposing construction creates a fresh new way of accessing the large, open spaces of the interior.

Extensive glass surfaces and black elements like the window surrounds and door sills give the vehicle a feeling of lightness and, together with the exposed carbon structures, draw attention to its low weight. Large, narrow 19-inch wheels add further impact to the dynamic side profile.

BMW i3 Concept: Review (2/2)


Key: AT - automatic transmission, MT - manual transmission, F/R/AWD - front/rear/all wheel drive
Type Electric Motor + Optional Petrol Engine
Electric Power 170 hp
Electric Torque 184 lb-ft
Driveline Rear Wheel Drive
Transmission Variable Speed Automatic
Brakes & Tires
Brakes Front - Rear Ventilated Discs - Solid Discs
Tire Size Front - Rear R19
Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Length 151.4 in
Width 79.2 in
Height 60.5 in
Curb Weight 2756 lbs
0-60 mph < 8 s
1/4 Mile n/a
60-0 Braking n/a
Top Speed 93 mph
Fuel Economy
EPA Fuel Mileage - City/Highway n/a
All Electric Range 80-100 miles
Total Range n/a
Origin & Price
Origin Germany
Base Retail Price (MSRP) n/a

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