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Review (2/2)

Ferrari Presents a New "Handling GT Evoluzione" Package for the 599 GTB Fiorano

Source: Ferrari | Published: Mon Aug 09, 2010

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The Music of the V12 Created for the Enzo

5,999 cc displacement, a specific power output of 103 hp/liter; chain-driven distribution and twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank with continuously variable timing on both inlet and exhaust cams to optimize torque delivery; twin-plate, low inertia clutch in unit with the engine; maximum torque of 448 lb-ft at 5,600 rpm, maximum power of 620 hp at 7,600 rpm, Euro and LEV2 compliant. The engine development work focused specifically on sound, eliminating mechanical resonance in favor of a pure V12 soundtrack from both the intake manifold and the exhaust system.

F1-SuperFast Gearbox

The new generation F1 gearbox cuts overall gear-shift times to 100 ms by simultaneously implementing the various stages involved in changing gears: lifting off and declutching; disengaging then re-engaging the gear and then letting out the clutch. The speed of these operations is enhanced by the fact that gears engage in 40 ms. Simultaneous to this, however, is the combined disengaging of the clutch on lift-off and then re-engaging of the clutch as the power is fed back in.


The experience built up over thousands of kilometers of Formula 1 testing and races by Ferrari's drivers is now being made available to allow even non-professional drivers push this car to the limit in terms of road-holding, safety and stability. The system is integrated with the stability control. Its predictive software estimates the maximum available grip in advance, compares this information with the vehicle dynamics model stored in the control system, and adjusts its reactions to suit, optimizing traction by modulating power delivery. The result is smooth, tenacious road-holding thanks to maximum grip out of bends (20% increase in acceleration compared to a traditional traction and stability control systems) and predictable handling even in extreme situations.

SCM suspension (Magnetorheological Suspension Control)

Unlike traditional oleodynamic systems, magnetorheological (MR) fluid suspension systems react instantly to road conditions and driver inputs, thanks to the fact that they use a fluid the viscosity of which is modified by applying an electronically controlled magnetic field. For the driver, this translates to greatly improved body control, which in turn directly improves handling and road-holding thanks to optimal tire grip. The result is a safer and more enjoyable driving experience, courtesy of reduced roll and greater control when accelerating, braking and cornering.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano: Photo Gallery, Review (1/2) and Specifications

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