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New Interior Touches

The contemporary Maybach interpretation of high performance, impressive handling dynamics and opulent luxury continues inside the 57 S where high-quality materials are crafted to perfection in accordance with the Maybach tradition and new leather appointments help to set the striking yet tasteful tone. Deliberately distinctive and particularly exclusive, the visual statement made by the Maybach 57 S is picked up by the interior which features a carefully balanced combination of piano lacquer and carbon elements - especially in the areas within the driver's reach and immediate field of view - creating an atmosphere of dynamic elegance.

The "Manufaktur" Concept at Mercedes-AMG

In keeping with the Maybach "Manufaktur" concept, the twelve-cylinder biturbo engine is assembled by hand at the Mercedes-AMG engine manufacturing facility. Nothing symbolizes the "one man, one engine" philosophy more clearly than the characteristic engine plate which is attached to the cover of the V12 biturbo in the Maybach 57 S and which bears the signature of the specialist who assembled the unit - a signature which vouches for the care lavished on the engine and the quality of the workmanship.

Specially Developed 20-Inch Eleven-Spoke Light-Alloy Wheels

The Michelin Pilot Sport tires (size: 275/45 R20) are matched perfectly to the revised suspension. These high-performance tires are fitted on 8.5 J x 20 eleven-spoke light-alloy wheels which were specially developed for them, permitting higher maximum levels of longitudinal and lateral acceleration while also enhancing the handling characteristics even further. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and the acceleration skid control (ASR) system have been reconfigured and optimized to take account of the higher forces involved. Enhanced ventilation of the brake system improves braking performance and resistance to fading even fur-ther under all operating conditions. These measures ensure that the Maybach 57 S always offers the optimum degree of active safety.

In modifying and retuning the suspension of the 57 S, the Maybach developers have succeeded in perfectly reconciling apparently contradictory requirements: the high-performance luxury saloon is capable of putting down the power demanded by the driver safely and confidently while maintaining the high level of ride comfort which is typical of the brand and which characterizes a Maybach vehicle.

Maybach Individualization with Gold and Diamonds

"Wellendorff Individualization" offers particularly discerning Maybach owners the opportunity to elevate the on-board refinement of their high-end luxury Saloon to new levels with exquisite gold inlays and precious stones. This latest development in Maybach's successful individualization strategy is based on close collaboration with the German jeweler Manufaktur Wellendorff, who meticulously produce the unique decorative inlays by hand. The new options range from exquisite decorative trim strips, embedded in the interior wood trim, to monograms and individual coats of arms, picked out in gold and diamonds. Maybach recently extended the range of optional equipment available exfactory yet again, adding tailor-made Business Packages, for example, and vehicles specially configured for use in the luxury hotel sector. Maybach also has something of a tradition of realizing virtually any customer request, no matter how unusual.

Gold and Diamonds Create an Unparalleled Atmosphere

The standard fine wood trim on the Maybach doors harmonizes perfectly with the skillfully crafted trim strips from Wellendorff, available in 18-carat yellow or white gold. The trim strips help accentuate the honed craftsmanship behind the Maybach interior appointments. The garland motif, typical of Wellendorff, and the hand-cut diamonds in the trim strips add a further level of sophistication to the Maybach interior. For the ultimate in individuality, the owner's monogram can be added to the long, elegant decorative strips. The trim strips can be fitted on all four doors, extending from the front to the rear of the vehicle in a continuous line.

Narrow, diamond-studded strips in 18-carat yellow or white gold can be added to the centre console too, along with an optional coat of arms. The selector lever can also be decorated with the owner's monogram or coat of arms as an option.

In the rear of the Maybach 62 the optional partition provides the ideal place for a prominently positioned coat of arms, which can be set off to perfection with 18-carat white or yellow gold strips and discreet diamonds. Combining the ornamented partition with the optional trim strips for the rear centre console creates an elegant and harmonious look and lends the interior a highly individual feel. The decorative elements coordinate perfectly with the interior appointments, producing a highly distinctive, elegant and harmonious on-board atmosphere - take, for example, the combination of yellow gold, high-quality matt burr walnut and the california beige interior, or white gold in conjunction with anthracite-colored appointments and elegant poplar trim.

Customer Dreams Come True: Individual Solutions

Maybach has developed and built a special Maybach 57 Saloon model, designed to meet the particular customer requirements associated with the international luxury hotel sector. The concept can also be applied to the Maybach 62. Numerous details and technical features of the model are tailored to the needs of a vehicle operating on a daily basis in the hotel business, with a high passenger turnover. The new-design, easy-access multiple stowage compartments in the rear, for example, can be used to hold tissues or wet-wipes for arriving guests. The car phone in the rear centre console is connected via a conventional telephone lead and the backs of the front seats feature practical fold-down tables in place of the usual video monitors.

Typical Maybach materials are very much in evidence in the interior, which offers the familiar refined, high-quality feel, but is also extremely hardwearing. Particular attention has also been paid to the luggage compartment: a special Maybach rug can be used to protect valuable items of luggage.

Breathtaking: Gold Instead of Chrome in the Interior

Maybach has created a study, based on the Maybach 57, which reflects a very special customer demand: all chrome trim parts in the vehicle interior are gold-plated, a wafer-thin layer of genuine 24-carat gold being applied to each one. The gleam of the gold adds a heightened touch of refinement to the interior of the Maybach Saloon, and harmonizes perfectly with the high-quality wood and the Maybach leathers used for the study. A carefully coordinated gold paint was selected for the wheels and applied using a special, newly developed process. The expertise which the Maybach specialists have build up over the course of this project will allow them to take the most exclusive of customer requests in their stride in the future.

Personalization Perfected

One of the most popular customer requests is to have a monogram or coat of arms inscribed in a prominent place inside the Maybach Saloon. Maybach also offers the option of having the double "M" emblem embossed in the leather of the door panels - a feature which is not just popular with car enthusiasts and collectors of historic Maybach Saloons, but allows Maybach owners to express their special attachment to the brand too.

Discretion and Security with Partition and Special Protection

Customers who appreciate the utmost discretion can order a partition with retractable window where approved in the country in question for the Maybach 62. At the touch of a button, the electro transparent glass can also be rendered opaque, shutting off the view into the rear. The Maybach Guard, which is also based on the Maybach 62, offers special protection against external attacks. The protection features offer High Protection, as specified by European protection class B4.

Maybach 57 S: Photo Gallery, Review (1/2) and Specifications

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