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High-End Luxury Without the Top: 62 S Landaulet

Source: Maybach | Published: Fri Aug 06, 2010

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White Paintwork and Wheels

This impression is accentuated by the shining white paintwork of the car, an exclusive finish named Antigua white. Visual highlights are provided by 20-inch wheels specially designed for the Landaulet. These are also painted in white with high-sheen spokes, and are accompanied by white indicators in the front and rear light clusters in dark red.

Black for the Chauffeur, White for the Passengers

In addition, the already luxurious driver's compartment of the successful Maybach 62 S has been enhanced in a number of important respects. All the interior trim is now surfaced in black piano lacquer, and for the extensive leather appointments Maybach has used particularly exclusive, glossy Stromboli black leather.

In contrast Maybach has fitted the passenger compartment almost completely in exquisite Seychelles white leather. The footwell and roof liner of this high-end luxury landaulet are also in white - the floor is carpeted in white velour and the roof lined with white fabric. A dramatic contrast is provided by inserts and decorative trim in glossy, black piano lacquer or exclusive black granite with numerous gold inclusions.

Generous Spaciousness and First-Class Comfort

Outstanding comfort is assured by the generous spaciousness of the rear, which the Maybach 62 S Landaulet has adopted unchanged from the Maybach 62. Passengers are welcomed into the interior by two large, single seats. These elegant seats also allow even very tall passengers to enjoy a reclining position which travelers normally only encounter in the first-class armchairs of modern passenger jets.

The study is designed as a chauffeured vehicle and features a partition. The upper section of the partition is a glass panel which the passengers can render opaque at the touch of a button, thanks to a liquid crystal membrane embedded in the glass.

Two ultra-modern automatic climate control systems, whose parameters have been adapted to the 62 S Landaulet, ensure that open-air travel remains a pleasure even under adverse climatic conditions.

State-of-the-Art Entertainment and Communications

As in the Maybach 62 S, the rear console is the centerpiece for entertainment, communications and traveling pleasure. This is where Maybach engineers have grouped everything relating to the entertainment and pleasure of the rear-seat passengers: a DVD-player, six CD-changer, a cooler compartment with its own electric compressor and an intelligent storage system, which holds glasses, goblets and champagne bottles safely in position.

Engine and Suspension

The Maybach 62 S Landaulet is powered by the uprated V12 engine which Maybach engineers have developed further for the Maybach 57 S and Maybach 62 S together with the specialists at Mercedes-AMG. Thanks to twin turbochargers and water intercooling, the V12 develops a maximum output of 620 hp from a displacement of 5,980 cubic centimeters. This is continuously available between 4,800 and 5,100 rpm, and the engine also delivers an impressive maximum torque of 738 lb-ft between 2,000 and 4,000 rpm.

The electronically controlled air suspension AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) and the Adaptive Damping System (ADS II) endow the 62 S Landaulet with outstanding levels of ride comfort, at the same time demonstrating that even a prestigious vehicle such as this can exhibit extraordinary agility and dynamic performance.

In addition to large, internally ventilated brake discs - with twin calipers at the front - the Maybach 62 S Landaulet is equipped with two electro-hydraulic Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) braking systems working in tandem. Together with ESP, ASR, ABS and Brake Assist, this provides the 62 S Landaulet with the very latest in effective, high-tech handling control systems.

Maybach 62 S Landaulet: Photo Gallery, Review (1/2) and Specifications

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