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Novitec Rosso Sport Program for Ferrari SA Aperta

Source: Novitec Rosso | Published: Wed Nov 02, 2011

The Ferrari SA Aperta is one of the most exclusive Ferrari models of all times. Only 80 of them were built in a one-time limited-edition production run. Novitec Rosso, worldwide market leader in tuning for the sports cars from Maranello, now makes the drop-top version of the 599 even more powerful and fascinating. A twin-supercharger conversion bumps power output of the V12 from standard 670 to 888 hp and boosts peak torque to 636 lb-ft (862 Nm), giving the two-seater a top speed of more than 211 mph (340 km/h). The Novitec Rosso options for the limited-edition special model also include extremely lightweight Novitec Rosso forged wheels in a staggered combination with diameters of 21 and 22 inches, sport springs and a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with butterfly valve.

At the heart of the Novitec Rosso program for the SA Aperta is the bi-compressor engine in high-end specification. Two mechanical high-performance superchargers, lubricated by a dedicated oil circuit, are adapted to the six-liter, four-valve V12 engine and driven by an elaborate cogged-belt system. The conversion also includes a large water-to-air intercooler with dedicated water circuit.

The intake side of the engine is reconfigured with a custom-developed intake manifold, high-performance injectors and sport air filters whose air supply is optimized by special air routing.

On the outlet side there are exhaust manifolds calibrated specifically to the bi-compressor engine and the Novitec Rosso stainless-steel exhaust system with four black-coated tailpipes with a diameter of 90 millimeters each. The electronically controlled butterfly valve in the exhaust allows changing the exhaust note at the push of the "Manettino" button on the steering wheel.

The Novitec Rosso high-performance components are perfectly synchronized with the help of a newly programmed engine management system. The result is a unique power yield that makes the SA Aperta one of the most powerful drop-top sports cars in the world. But that's not all: linear yet nevertheless outstanding delivery of power characteristic for supercharged engines is also the result of the professional product engineering as are superb running smoothness and maximum longevity.

The power increase by 218 hp (160 kW) to 888 hp (653 kW) at 8,400 rpm means the two-seater now offers power that is as superlative as its new peak torque of 636 lb-ft (862 Nm) at 6,600 rpm, a gain of 179 lb-ft (242 Nm) over its production brethren.

Together with the F1 Superfast six-speed transmission the Novitec Rosso bi-compressor version delivers exceptional performance. From rest the car sprints to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. After 9.1 seconds it reaches a speed of 124 mph (200 km/h); the 186 mph (300-km/h) barrier shatters after 21.9 seconds. Top speed is in excess of 211 mph (340 km/h).

The body of the Ferrari SA Aperta is refined by Novitec Rosso in a few details. Supplemental GTO-style front spoiler lip, side skirts and rear fascia that match the look of the front fascia of the special model are installed on the car. All clear-coated carbon-fiber components come with a matte finish for a true racing look. Further understated highlights are added by the Novitec Rosso black lamps that are available for all 599 models. The set includes tail lamps, third brake light, rear fog lamp and side markers.

More conspicuous are the Novitec Rosso forged wheels, which were custom-developed for the Ferrari 599. In a staggered combination of 21-inch wheels in front and 22-inch wheels on the rear axle they put even more emphasis on the wedge-shaped appearance of the super sports car. The most impressive feature of these wheels with five delicate double spokes and sunken valve is their low weight.

With a weight of just 23 lbs (10.4 kilograms) the Novitec Rosso NF4 10Jx21 alloy wheel for the front axle is one of the lightest wheels of its size in the world. The same is true for the size 12Jx22 rear wheel that weighs in at just 30 lbs (13.8 kilograms). The reduction in unsprung weight has positive effects on handling as do the markedly wider tires. Pirelli PZero tires are mounted by Novitec Rosso in size 295/25 ZR21 on the front axle and in size 335/25 ZR22 in back.

Also custom-developed for the drop-top special model were the Novitec Rosso sport springs. They are calibrated to work with the stock shocks and lower the ride height of the SA Aperta by about an inch (25 millimeters). The suspension can be optionally fitted with a front axle lift system. The vehicle front is raised by 1.6 inches (40 millimeters) at the push of a button in the cockpit for safely navigating past obstacles such as underground parking ramps or speed bumps without beaching the front spoiler. Upon reaching a speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) or at the second push of the button the suspension reverts to its original position.

Novitec Rosso also offers exclusive interior appointments in any desired color or upholstery design for the drop-top Ferrari.

2011 Ferrari SA Aperta by Novitec Rosso Photo Gallery
2011 Ferrari SA Aperta by Novitec Rosso
2011 Ferrari SA Aperta
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