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New BMW Sub-Brand: BMW i [w/ video]

Source: BMW | Published: Mon Feb 21, 2011

The new BMW sub-brand focused on developing sustainable mobility solutions has been launched.

"BMW i represents a new movement in premium mobility. With the introduction of this new sub-brand, the BMW Group reaffirms its leadership as the most innovative and sustainable premium car company. The products and services have been conceived around a revolutionary approach: purpose designed and purpose built for sustainable, premium mobility. It's a new day in our industry; a new era for individual mobility. This is BMW i - Born Electric." said Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Sales and Marketing, in Munich on Monday.

In a first move, two models will be launched under the new sub-brand from 2013 - the BMW i3 and BMW i8. The BMW Group will also significantly expand its range of mobility services over the years ahead. To achieve this, a Venture Capital company was founded in New York City, BMW i Ventures, with an investment totaling 100 million US dollars.

BMW i3 and i8: Two Revolutionary Vehicle Concepts

"With BMW i, we are building on the success and strength of our core brand," emphasized Robertson. The BMW i3- previously known as the Megacity Vehicle - will be the BMW Group's first series-produced car for urban areas to be driven by electric power alone. The BMW i8, meanwhile, is based on the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept study. Its plug-in hybrid drive blends the sporting ability of a high-performance machine with the fuel consumption and emissions of a small car.

Both models are based on a revolutionary construction concept known as LifeDrive architecture. An aluminum chassis houses the powertrain, and the passenger cell consists of high-strength but extremely lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). "Both cars have been designed specifically for their respective alternative drive systems. We used the innovative architecture and CFRP to cancel out practically all of the extra weight added by the batteries. For our customers this means superior driving dynamics combined with significantly increased range using electric power," explains Klaus Draeger, BMW Board member responsible for development.

A Range of Vehicle-Independent Services

An additional range of mobility services - which can also be used independently of the cars - will be an integral component of BMW i. This will allow the creation of a new, profitable area of business over the long term and attract new customers to the company's brands.

"Mobility requirements are changing in rapidly expanding megacities" adds Ian Robertson. "Our commitment to car-enabled mobility services, like BMW ConnectedDrive, will be significantly expanded under BMW i. We'll also grow our car-related premium mobility services. What's truly groundbreaking is that we'll begin offering car-independent premium mobility services. BMW i aims to provide customized mobility solutions across a seamless network of premium products and premium services." The focus is on solutions which will improve usage of existing parking spaces, as well as intelligent navigation systems with local information, intermodal route planning, and premium car-sharing.

In addition to services developed in-house, the BMW Group is pursuing collaborations with partner companies and exploring strategic capital investments in providers of mobility services. To this end, the venture capital company BMW i Ventures has the goal to expand the range of products and services offered by BMW i in the long term by taking stakes in highly innovative service providers.

New York-based MyCityWay is the first company in which BMW i Ventures has taken a stake. Of the partnership, Ian Robertson said, "I am thrilled to announce that we have just signed our first strategic partnership with MyCityWay. As a mobile app, MyCityWay provides users with information on public transportation, parking availability, and local entertainment for over 40 cities in the US. Another 40 cities will be part of the global rollout, including Munich, of course."

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BMW i Sub-Brand
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