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BMW M Comparison: 1 M, M3, M5, X5M, X6M

Source: 5post.com | Published: Thu Dec 29, 2011

German print magazine Autobild has taken all current BMW M models and set them against each other on the Sachsenring in Germany.

Hardly surprising, the M3 CRT was the fastest of them all with a time of 1:38.87. Slightly more surprising was that the seconds place went to the new M5. Although it is much heavier, the M5's mighty twin-turbo engine proved a valuable asset as it was only three hundredths of a second slower, but two seconds faster than the 1 M Coupe (E82) in third place.

Also surprising was that both SAVs could keep up with the previous generation naturally-aspirated M5.

Although the overall winner was the track-ready M3 GTS, it didn't count because it is no longer available.

For further comparison, Autobild included times for the Porsche Panamera Turbo S and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG with performance package.

Fascination M
BMW M3 GTS (on semi-slicks) 1:37.30
BMW M3 CRT 1:38.87
BMW F10 M5 1:38.90
BMW 1 M Coupe 1:40.18
BMW M3 Coupe DCT 1:40.52
BMW M3 Sedan DCT 1:40.60
BMW M3 Convertible DCT 1:42.63
BMW X6 M 1:43.67
BMW X5 M 1:43.72
BMW E60 M5 1:43.77

F10 M5 Competition
Porsche Panamera Turbo S 1:38.13
BMW F10 M5 1:38.90
Mercedes E63 AMG PP 1:40.59

BMW M Comparison Photo Gallery
2011 BMW M3 CRT Sedan
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