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Ferrari Receives Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8s to Tackle the Snow

Source: Ferrari | Published: Fri Feb 03, 2012

Special conditions call for special measures. Unusually, there has been so much snow falling on Maranello these past few days that, yesterday afternoon, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso each had a special vehicle to get around in. They were the first two examples of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, the quickest and most powerful Jeep ever built. The cars were handed over to the Scuderia Ferrari drivers by Beth Peretta, Director Marketing and Operations SRT Brand and Motorsports, Chrysler Group LLC.

The two cars had a special trim, bringing some exclusive styling details and the unmistakable Rosso Corsa color which is a distinguishing feature of the cars from the Maranello marque. The two Grand Cherokke SRT8, personalized for the Scuderia Ferrari champions are the first of the new high performance version of the Jeep flagship to hit Europe, where it will go on sale this summer.

"We are excited and proud to be able to hand over the exclusively personalized "Ferrari-style" versions of the most powerful and fastest Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 of all time to two of the most talented drivers in the world," said Beth Peretta. "We are sure Fernando and Felipe will feel perfectly at home at the wheel of these cars that take styling cues from Ferrari with Rosso Corsa bodywork and that represent the pinnacle in terms of performance for the Jeep brand. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 offers all who love driving, a unique combination of the amazing capacity of the Jeep on road and track, with the pinnacle of personalized style and technology."

Ferrari Receives Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8s to Tackle the Snow Photo Gallery
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
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