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Audi TT RS Coupe: The Purist Driving Machine

Source: Audi | Published: Thu Sep 16, 2010

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The most striking aspects of the Audi TT RS when viewed from the side are the 18-inch wheels with the large brakes and the flared side sills. The outside mirror housings come standard in matt aluminum look, and optionally in the body color or carbon. Those looking for something special can choose the black styling package, in which the frame of the single-frame grille is also black.

The rear bumper includes an integrated diffuser insert that surrounds the two large, oval tailpipes. A TT RS logo also adorns the rear of the car. The TT RS comes standard with a wide, stationary spoiler that increases the downforce on the rear axle and thus improves stability at high speeds. The spoiler of the high-volume model, which automatically extends at 75 mph and retracts again at 50 mph.

Sporty Interior Design

The neatly sporty interior design, the perfect ergonomics and the unique selection and build quality of the materials are hallmarks of an Audi. In the TT model series, special features provide that extra emotional touch - the curved cupola above the instruments, the instrument faces recessed into tubes, the large control knobs of the automatic air conditioning system and the round air vents. The TT RS includes additional, lovingly arranged details. A special menu including digital displays for boost pressure and oil temperature as well as a lap time for recording lap times on the racetrack is integrated into the standard driver information system. The display of the optional navigation system plus greets the driver with a special TT RS screen when the ignition is turned on. The leather multifunction sports steering wheel has three spokes and an extra thick ring. It is flattened at the bottom like in a racing car and is wrapped with perforated leather with silver seams.

The sport seats are mounted low. Their large side cushions provide perfect support, and the seats are infinitely adjustable and heated. They come standard in a combination of leather and Alcantara, accented with contrasting silver seams and embossed TT RS logos in the front backrests.

The entire interior is dressed in dynamic black. Matt brushed aluminum inlays are standard; the footrest and pedals are in aluminum look. TT RS logos adorn the door sill trims, the tachometer and the steering wheel, silver welts frame the floor mats, and the door openers - typical for an Audi RS model - comprise two narrow bars.

The TT RS is a sports car with good everyday usability - a major strength of the entire model series. The backs of both rear seats fold down in the Coupé, increasing trunk space from 10.24 to 24.72 cu ft (from 290 to 700 liters).

Turbocharged Inline-5 Engine

The 2.5-liter TFSI five-cylinder unit has two faces. When driven with restraint, the turbo conveys the composure that comes from having 332 lb-ft of torque available in practically any situation - from the bottom of the torque curve almost to the very top, from 1,600 to 5,300 rpm. With this tremendous pulling power, the TT RS overtakes with casual ease.

When the driver pushes the five-cylinder he or she experiences its other side - the raw power of 340 hp; the skin-tingling music as the engine revs enthusiastically up to 6,800 rpm; the unmistakable, throaty roar is the classic fivecylinder sound from Audi. A glance under the hood reveals the engine in all its glory, with no engine cover - an impressive piece of technology.

The powerful five-cylinder unit is very compact and particularly lightweight. Its large turbocharger generates up to 1.2 bar of relative boost pressure. At full load, the intercooler reduces the temperature of the compressed air and achieves an efficiency of more than 80 percent. When the driver pushes the standard Sport button on the center tunnel, a flap installed in the left exhaust tailpipe renders the exhaust noise even more intense while making engine response more direct.


A new manual six-speed transmission is responsible for transferring the power in the Audi TT RS. Its shafts and gears can easily accommodate the high forces. A constant-velocity joint able to withstand high temperatures replaces the usual Hardy disk between the bevel box and the cardan shaft. Gear changes are performed swiftly, with precision and ease - just as you would expect on an Audi. The gear throws were shortened, and the shift lever and knob have been matched to the interior design of the TT RS.

The version of the quattro permanent all-wheel drive for transverse engines is standard in the TT RS. The central component of this system is an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch. To further improve the already good axle load distribution, the clutch is mounted on the end of the cardan shaft upstream of the rear axle differential, another newly developed, particularly compact component designed for high loads.


Winding rural routes or a few laps around a racetrack allow the superior handling to shine. The TT RS turns spontaneously, almost greedily, into curves and passes through them with aplomb, precisely guided by its responsive steering. As the car approaches its very high limits, it begins to understeer ever so slightly. This effortless controllability is another character trait of the compact driving machine from Audi.

As the car exits the curve, the quattro technology safely transfers the tremendous power to the road in situations where competitor vehicles with their two powered wheels struggle to find grip. All of these strengths and the stirring power of the engine make the TT RS the epitome of pure, essential dynamism.

Audi TT RS Coupe: Photo Gallery, Review (1/2) and Specifications

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