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Ford Motor Company is one of the major American automobile manufacturers, founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, and is based in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford manufactures a wide range of cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and even a variety of luxury cars. The second largest carmaker in the US, the fifth largest in the world, the company has also made significant investments in museums and charitable organizations.
In the factory's early days, it produced only a few cars a day, but Ford refined and expanded the assembly line technique and the innovative vertical in-house integration system that helped make the company an industry leader. Continuing to be an innovator, Ford introduced the Model A in 1930, the deep disk steering wheel, seat belts, the padded dash board and child-proof door locks for safety and the retractable hardtop by 1957. The company also helped push plug-in hybrid technology and the Hydrogen fuel-cell forward during the late 2000s as well.
Surviving the Great Depression and acquiring Jaguar and Aston Martin in 1990 and 1994, the company began to struggle during the mid 2000s. Slimming down and making processes more efficient and exchanging debt for equity, Ford turned itself around to once again become productive. During that process, the company did not take the US Government bailout, as well as sold Land Rover and Jaguar to Tata Motors. Releasing a variety of new vehicles, plug-in hybrids and crossover SUVs, along with smaller cars like the Focus and Escape, and expansions of the Lincoln luxury brand all helped further Ford's recovery, to the point where it was rated investment worthy again in 2012.

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2011 Harley-Davidson F-150 2011 Harley-Davidson F-150
Engine: 411 hp 6.2L V8
2011 Mustang GT 2011 Mustang GT
Engine: 412 hp 5.0L V8
2011 Shelby GT500 2011 Shelby GT500
Engine: 550 hp 5.4L V8 Supercharged
2011 Shelby GT500 Convertible 2011 Shelby GT500 Convertible
Engine: 550 hp 5.4L V8 Supercharged
2011 Taurus 2011 Taurus
Engine: 263 hp 3.5L V6
2011 Vertrek Concept 2011 Vertrek Concept
Engine: n/a
2010 Focus Race Car Concept 2010 Focus Race Car Concept
Engine: n/a
2010 Police Interceptor Concept 2010 Police Interceptor Concept
Engine: 365 hp 3.5L V6 Twin-Turbo
2007 Explorer Sport Trac 2007 Explorer Sport Trac
Engine: 292 hp 4.6L V8
2006 Crown Victoria LX Sport 2006 Crown Victoria LX Sport
Engine: 239 hp 4.6L V8
2006 F-150 2006 F-150
Engine: 300 hp 5.4L V8
2006 Five Hundred 2006 Five Hundred
Engine: 203 hp 3.0L V6
2006 GT 2006 GT
Engine: 550 hp 5.4L V8 Supercharged
2006 GTX1 Roadster 2006 GTX1 Roadster
Engine: 550 hp 5.4L V8 Supercharged
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