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2012 Jaguar XF Adopts XJ's Design Language

Source: Jaguar | Published: Sat Apr 23, 2011

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New Seats and Interior Displays

Revised front and rear seats incorporate a 'hoop' design element on the seat and backrest that improves their appearance and support. New color combinations and veneers increase the personalization options available to buyers. All models receive a revision to the color scheme on the center console, dashboard, and steering wheel where buttons and switchgear have a more luxurious soft feel black paint finish, and the 'Tungsten' finish is replaced by a more contemporary 'Aurora' theme.

The 2012 XF incorporates a formidable amount of technology, but in true Jaguar fashion, it is integrated seamlessly into the function of the car. The primary interface is a seven-inch Touch-screen with a new polarizing filter for improved contrast. Additional buttons have been added below the touch-screen to switch instantly between different functions. The graphics palette has been revised, and is based on those in the Jaguar XJ. The instrument cluster information display is now a full-color TFT unit for greater resolution and clarity.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Three new audio systems are offered on the 2012 Jaguar XF, all of which represent a significant upgrade. Headlining is a 1200W, 17-speaker premium surround sound system from British audio experts Bowers & Wilkins, which offers extraordinary clarity and sound reproduction.

All 2012 XF models are specified with a hard-drive based satellite navigation system that incorporates a 'virtual' CD changer allowing the owner to transfer 10 CDs at a time into the car's memory storage and play them as if they were a physical music medium. The system now offers multiple options for connecting portable players; two USB ports, one which can be used for iPod devices and the other for a USB or other MP3 digital music player, and Bluetooth connectivity that allows music to be streamed from a smartphone.

The majority of the car's functions can also be controlled from the driver's seat by Jaguar's Interactive Voice functionality, which provides an intuitive interface for hands-free operation.

Jaguar XF: Photo Gallery, Review (1/2) and Specifications

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