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Review (2/2)

Koenigsegg Agera R: Quicker than Lightning

Source: Koenigsegg, Evo.co.uk | Published: Tue Mar 01, 2011

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The Agera R's Engine

Koenigsegg differs from other low volume hypercar manufacturers by the fact that Koenigsegg develops and produces its own engine in-house.

The Koenigsegg 5-liter bi-turbo engine in the Agera R features class leading power and torque characteristics at 1115 hp and 885 lb-ft (1200 Nm).

These are extraordinary numbers considering the size and reliability of the engine without forsaking drivability or flexibility. This is truly downsizing, without drawbacks. These characteristics make it one of the most flexible and easy to use hypercar engines in the world.

To give a hint of how different the Agera engines are compared to other production car engines, it is easy to look at the BMEP value (Brake Mean Effective Pressure) in the cylinders during maximum power output. The best production diesel and petrol engines from other leading manufacturers have a maximum BMEP of around 22 bar.

The Agera engine has a BMEP of 28 bar running on 95 octane fuel and the E85 Bio fuel Agera R engines has an astonishing BMEP of 30 bar. These numbers show how extreme the Koenigsegg engines are compared to any other production engine in the world. The reason why Koenigsegg can obtain such BMEP figures is due to some proprietary and critical factors, such as:

  • A unique shape of the combustion chambers, improving the resistance against detonation.
  • High cylinder head clamp load, enabled by a specially designed engine block. This has proven to give a zero failure rate to
    combustion overpressure, even considering the extreme cylinder pressures.
  • A unique engine block design, where the cylinder sleeves are used to further stiffen the aluminum block.
  •  A connecting rod design reducing TDC dwell time and therefore enabling higher mean pressures without detonation.
  • Exhaust manifold and intake plenum trumpets designed to ensure absence of RPM peak resonance and back pressure.
  • An efficient ejector pump system reducing the crankcase pressure and aerodynamic losses.

The Koenigsegg Agera R engine complies with the most stringent environmental regulations in the world, EU5 and LEV2, and delivers a significant power increase compared to previous Koenigsegg engines.

The Agera R has four intelligent bio fuel grade return-less fuel pumps to deliver the correct amount of fuel at any given time. This reduces the energy needed to operate the fuel pumps and eliminates the waste of excessive fuel transport.

Innovative Turbine Technology

Turbo response is of vital importance when it comes to driving pleasure and the possibility to control massive amounts of power. Therefore Koenigsegg has joined forces with Borg Warner and adapted to the latest technology when it comes to turbine materials. The Agera R turbines are made from a material called Gamma-Ti which is an inter metallic compound comprised of
aluminum and titanium. This new material drastically reduces the inertia of the turbine wheel and axle and therefore gives improved response. Furthermore Koenigsegg has coupled this latest generation turbo technology with patent pending and proprietary response/back pressure reduction system, invented by Christian von Koenigsegg to really give the Agera engine a competitive edge when combining maximum power while complying with the strictest emission regulations in the world.

Furthermore the large air to air intercooler on the left side of the engine sucks enormous amounts of fresh air, eliminating the need for water in the intercooling system, thereby saving weight and avoiding heat soak issues, during extended performance driving.

The Aerodynamics

The aerodynamics of the Agera R has been honed and perfected over many years in CFD and wind tunnel in order ensure best possible outcome. Even with the massive dynamic rear wing, the drag of the Agera is only Cd 0.33, in high speed mode and Cd 0.37 in track mode. Even though the Agera is 78.7 inches (2 meters) wide, it only has a frontal area of 1.87 m2. This results in a Cd*A value of only 0.62 and thus a theoretical top speed of around 273 mph (440 km/h) for the Agera R version, given the gear ratio and power available.

Custom Carbon-Fiber Thule Lightning Roof Box

At the 2011 Geneva Motor show, Koenigsegg presents the Koenigsegg winter package - the first lifestyle packages offered from Koenigsegg. The main element of this package is the exceptional Lightning Roof Box System.

The Lightning Roof Box is developed together with the Swedish rack and roof box manufacturer Thule. The high performance lightweight box is made completely from carbon fiber and has been through several iterations of CFD simulation to ensure it is safe up to 186 mph (300 km/h), making it the fastest roof box in the world.

The roof box, which has an incorporated roof panel, replaces the normal roof in under 10 minutes. The standard roof is then stored in the luggage compartment in the front of the car, so that when the driver arrives to his destination, the roof box can be quickly removed and the normal roof can be put in place for a more elegant look.

The Lightning roof box truly enables the driver to use the Agera for longer trips with massive luggage. This gives a whole new spectrum of hypercar utilization.

The winter package also includes Michelin snow tires on forged Koenigsegg wheels and custom designed Koenigsegg skis from the Swedish high end ski manufacturer, Extrem.

Part of the winter package is also a Swedish winter resort experience in Are - Sweden's most popular skiing resort and the place of manufacture of the Koenigsegg skis. During the stay in Are, the Koenigsegg customers will be fitted for their skis and they can witness first hand when they are being hand made in "Ares skidfabrik", a state of the art ski production plant. While their skis are being made, they will be checked into the delightful Copperhill Mountain Lodge that is towering snowcapped forests and sparkling frozen lakes. The following day the skis are ready for use and Are´s many and varied ski slopes are available for test runs, in direct access from the Copperhill Mountain Lodge.

Together with the Golf club options this marks the start of the Koenigsegg extended lifestyle program for Koenigsegg cars.

Koenigsegg Agera R: Photo Gallery, Review (1/2) and Specifications

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