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Judge Lets FBI Agent Who Wrecked Ferrari F50 Off the Hook

Source: The Chicago Tribune | Published: Wed Oct 12, 2011

A federal judge in Detroit has dismissed a lawsuit against the U.S. government over the wreck of a Ferrari F50 driven by an FBI agent.

In 2009, while relocating a stolen Ferrari F50 held as evidence, FBI agent Fred Kingston lost control of the car and totaled the one-of-fifty-imported-into-the-U.S. exotic. The agent claimed a blown tire caused the accident, but the insurance company responsible for writing a check to the actual owner blamed it on negligence, accusing the FBI agent and a prosecutor of "joyriding" in the $750,000 supercar.

The insurance company, Motors Insurance, then filed suit against the U.S. government to recover its loss. After months of preparation from both sides, The Chicago Tribune reports that the case was dismissed by a U.S. District Court Judge yesterday. The Judge Avern Cohn said that the crash of the 1995 F50 was "certainly unfortunate," but cited a law making the government immune to lawsuits when property is in custody of law enforcement.

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