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Allan McNish Crashes Spectacularly at 24 Hours of Le Mans [w/ video]

Source: and | Published: Sat Jun 11, 2011

Audi R18 TDI driver Allan McNish escaped injury following his massive crash which happened less than an hour after the start of the 24 hour race. The R18 driver ran up on slower GT traffic coming into the Dunlop curve. Instead of backing off, McNish tried to shoot the gap underneath a slower Ferrari 458 Italia. As McNish reached the apex of the corner, he touched the Ferrari, sending both cars hard into the barrier.

The R18 got airborne in the gravel, and slammed into a tire wall sideways, spraying photographers and spectators with wheels, suspension pieces and large chunks of carbon fiber monocoque.

The R18 TDI had to be righted before McNish could climb out. The Scot is expected to go to a local hospital for scans after initial checks suggest he is unhurt. The marshals and photographers are also said to be fine.

Anthondy Beltoise, the Ferrari driver, made it back to the pits for repairs. He explained afterwards that he didn't see McNish until after it was too late: "I saw nothing. I was in the corner on my line. I checked my mirror on the exit of the chicane and saw nothing. So I take the corner and feel a big shock to the car, and then I see an Audi on its roof."

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