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Taiwanese Car Maker Luxgen Reveals New Executive Sedan: Luxgen5

Taiwanese Car Maker Luxgen Reveals New Executive Sedan: Luxgen5

Source: Luxgen | Published: Thu Dec 08, 2011

Having successfully launched itself as the pioneer for Smart Technology with the Luxgen7 MPV and Luxgen7 SUV, the car maker is now setting its sights on the battleground of the medium-large sedan market. The new design, targeted at the world market, will not only incorporate even more high-tech elements from the future but also deliver an even innovative style. The Luxgen5 Sedan, equipped with the latest innovative hTC technology, can be considered a milestone in the history of international auto design. The styling and design of the next-generation sports sedan will embody everything that has been developed for future cars. A first look of Luxgen5 Sedan will be available at the Luxgen exhibit during the 2012 Taipei Auto Show.

The styling of the Luxgen5 Sedan not only features decorative wings for the logo at the front that continue along the hood but also twelve "Re-curved Strokes" along the body of the car, giving it a dynamic visual effect. Even more importantly, the A and C pillars in the Luxgen5 Sedan were moved as far forward and back as possible, respectively, to maximize the spacious interior and achieve optimal angles. This not only challenged the limits of engineering but also optimized the aerodynamics as well, giving the sedan a coupe-like silhouette. The result was a superb 0.28 drag-coefficient, while successfully capturing the essence of a 2-door coupe. The perfect 2:1 ratio between the side panels and windows exemplifies the pursuit of "Surfacing Performance" in the styling of the Luxgen5 Sedan.

All-New Engines and Transmission

The Luxgen5 Sedan is available with a 1.8L or 2.0L power package. To meet the performance and environmental requirements, more effective turbocharging technologies are used that the 2.0 turbocharged engine can surpass conventional 2.7L naturally-aspirated engines in performance. For a smoother driving experience, international auto tuners Delphi and AISIN from Japan were invited to tune the Luxgen5 Sedan software. The optimized engine control and gear switching program delivers the highest horsepower and torque output in the class, so owners of the Luxgen5 can enjoy both lower fuel demands and greater power performance.

The all-new 2.0L VVT turbo engine in the Luxgen5 Sedan has a peak output of 170 hp / 26.1 kgm, coupled to an intelligent 6-speed automated transmission manufactured by Japan's top transmission maker, AISIN. The compact and lightweight transmission system takes 8.18 seconds only for accelerating from 0 to 60 mph, with a top speed of 130 mph (210 km/h). The 6-speed transmission also comes with Slip Control, minimizing wear and tear on the transmission and reducing fuel consumption.

The new 1.8L VVT turbo engine is matched to an intelligent 5-speed automated transmission, with an output of 150 hp / 23.5kgm. A sophisticated hydraulic control system improves fuel consumption and power, while the advanced steel low-noise gearing improves transmission durability and minimizes noise. To reduce the mechanical friction and improve the durability of the 1.8L and 2.0L VVT turbo engines even further, Luxgen introduced Wide Peening & Cleaning (WPC) surface treatment technology currently used on JGTC, Moto GP, WRC and NASCAR racing engines. This special metal surface treatment boosts the wear resistance and durability of the metal components by improving lubricant adhesion.

Luxgen5 Sedan + Android

Luxgen partnered with the world's largest smartphone maker hTC to develop the unique THINK+ system. The system provided consumers with a new level of convenience in onboard computers. With the imminent launch of the new Luxgen5 Sedan, the unique THINK+ system will now undergo a major revolution as well. Luxgen will become the first car maker to adopt the Android system for the onboard platform. When an hTC mobile phone is connected to the THINK+ Touch system, all of the mobile phone calls will then be controlled directly through the 9" smart touch screen on the central console. In other words, the user can access Facebook, send and receive e-mails or look up local sights through the touch screen. There is simply no end to the possibilities of the onboard multimedia system, thanks to the unique hTC mode, which will meet the demand for fast information access from the new generation of users.

The Luxgen THINK+ Touch system's five key functions include Multimedia, Phone, Safety, Information and hTC mode. Apart from using the touch screen itself, shortcut buttons are provided below the screen for convenience. The most innovative feature is to access the NAVI GPS navigation function using the hTC mode. The user can therefore check the map and set routes in the car or on the road. The hands-free Bluetooth system means users can also make calls using the car's convenient hands-free interface.

Luxgen Brand to Include Other Vehicle Classes

Luxgen has made a name for itself in the market and won the support of consumers just three years after its establishments through "differentiation" in its brand, product, sales and service. Consumer support is what drives Luxgen in pursuit of excellence continually. The Luxgen family of vehicles, featuring intelligent technology, has also provided owners with a different driving experience. The preview of the Luxgen5 Sedan heralds the entry of Luxgen into the executive sedan market. In the future Luxgen will continue to develop all-new products in other classes in order to meet consumer demand for a full range of automotives equipped with intelligent technology.

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