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McLaren MP4-12C's Software Glitches Solved, Deliveries Re-Started

Source: McLaren, Carsuk.net | Published: Wed Nov 09, 2011

McLaren has had problems with software on the MP4-12C, but some reports indicate that the fixes are now complete and deliveries of new cars have re-started.

Like all small car makers, McLaren has to buy-in most of the computer systems all new cars have, which means McLaren's technicians had to make sure that all those systems work together without issues. That's often not easy, as McLaren has discovered. MP4-12C owners have complained of some minor issues with their new cars including battery drainage problems and over-sensitive warning lights.

Ron Dennis resorted to writing to all MP4-12C owners to apologize for the problems and offered them a free coffee table book by way of apology.

But as CarsUK.net reports, McLaren is now convinced that the latest firmware update has fixed all the bugs and is ready to re-start the delivery process.

All those owners who have already received their cars will be asked to bring them to a service center for a firmware update. Apparently this will take between one and three days, depending on how early the software is in the car.

2011 McLaren MP4-12C
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