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Nissan GT-R Egoist: Taking Exclusivity to a New Level

Source: Nissan | Published: Tue Feb 08, 2011

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High-Quality Leather Interior

Creating Egoist has taken Nissan GT-R to new levels of indulgence, exclusivity and rarity. Much of the attention has been focused on the cockpit which features an upgraded full leather interior created by Seton Leather in Germany.

Leather trim now extends throughout the interior and includes areas such as the base of the front seats, the seat belt buckle surrounds, the A and B pillars, the centre console surround and the transmission tunnel. Leather can even be found lining the interior of the cup holders and covering the door sills. Plain and quilted finishes are used to provide visual contrasts between the sections.

But this is not ordinary leather. Seton has become the preferred supplier of a select group of performance and luxury car makers. Its leather is chosen over others for its quality and consistency thanks to the way Seton cares for its livestock.

The company raises only one breed of cattle and the animals are cared for in carefully monitored conditions in Bavaria in Southern Germany. They are raised for 18 months in specially controlled surroundings to ensure more consistent feeding and less likelihood of insect bites or imperfections in the hides caused by barbed wire and other foreign objects.

Thanks to this careful nurturing, they grow to be bigger than average and this, in turn, means that fewer hides are needed for each car. That said, the interior of every GT-R Egoist still needs no fewer than 15 hides.

Turning the hides into the leather package takes Seton more than two months before the trimmed pieces can be shipped to Japan for installation. Completion of the interior of each Egoist is undertaken by hand in the GT-R plant in Tochigi and entrusted to one Takumi - a master craftsman.

Each car is taken from the main production line and taken to a special studio area in the plant where the Seton leather package is waiting to be installed. It takes a total of three hours for each installation.

In total there are no fewer than 20 color combinations available with either a single color used throughout or contrasting treatments for the upper and lower portions of the interior. There are ten different color options for the lower interior - including a pale pink - and four for the upper section. Further choices include the availability of six contrasting options for the stitching. Carpeting throughout is also color co-ordinated. Taking all the possible options into account there's a total of 84 different color combinations for owners to choose from.

Complementing the Seton leather package, a suede-like material is used to trim the headlining, sunvisors, rear parcel shelf and lower door panels.

Once trimmed, the car is then returned to the line to complete the production process - including the comprehensive running in process, which can also be witnessed by the customer.

GT-R Egoist's Wheel Emblem Takes Days to Make

Another example of the time and painstaking precision involved in the production of the Nissan GT-R Egoist concerns the emblem on the steering wheel. The 'ordinary' GT-R has an enamel badge; elegant but mass-produced. For Egoist, an ancient Japanese art is employed for the badge which is hand painted in a traditional decoration style known as Urushi.

For Nissan GT-R Egoist the method used is called Makie and the skill can only be taught in the Ishikawa Prefecture - home of the GT-R - and before he can practice his art, the craftsman has to be Government approved.

For this very special GT-R, each badge is entrusted to one man, Kubota-san of the Goshikiya workshop. It takes many days to build up the layers of paint to create the depth of color and the unique finish on the emblem. Each one, therefore, is unique.

Bespoke Bose Sound System

Similar attention to detail has gone into the creation of a bespoke sound system for the car. Made by leaders in sound development Bose, the 11-speaker system features a newly developed switching amp and a world first in its use of a carbon composite mounting for a new 9-inch woofer.

The mounting base delivers high rigidity and high levels of damping with no weight penalties allowing a much clearer sound to be produced from the woofer.

But Bose goes one step beyond in perfecting the system for the Egoist owner. On visiting the showroom to place the order, detailed measurements are taken from the customer and his or her ideal driving position is established. The customer's height, leg length and preferred angle of the seat backrest are then fed to the factory to ensure the speakers are placed in the optimum position to maximize sound quality. It really is a made-to-measure sound system.

GT-R Egoist is a Special Car Through and Through

Completing the Nissan GT-R Egoist package are some features pioneered on the spectacular Spec-V version introduced in 2010. These include the special six-spoke forged RAYS alloy wheels - for Egoist they have a unique 'Blue Sword' finish - and a carbon composite rear spoiler.

There's also a choice of exterior colors, some of which are shared with other GT-R models, but as befits its exclusive status, Egoist is the only GT-R available in a new color specially created for the car: Ultimate Opal White.

And it remains as discreet as possible, the only giveaway being a subtle Egoist badge on the boot.

Although less overtly sporting than the limited edition Spec-V version, Egoist remains one of the finest performing supercars of the era. The increase in power and torque cuts the 0-60 mph time to a remarkable 2.9 seconds while top speed is 196 mph (315 km/h).

The combination of advanced electronics, including the 'R Start' mode for racing starts, and the six-speed dual clutch gearbox - operated via magnesium paddles on the steering wheel - mean that, where conditions permit, all that performance is easily within reach.

The sure-footed chassis offers unmatched traction and handling and for 2011, GT-R now has an even more compliant ride thanks to subtle revisions to the springs and dampers. Braking performance has been enhanced, too. The front discs are larger to improve their resistance to fade under continued heavy use while the forged alloy wheels wear new Dunlop tires specially created for Nissan GT-R.

"GT-R Egoist is a remarkable car. Yes, it is considerably more expensive than the standard GT-R but that reflects the top quality materials used in the interior and the dedication of the craftsmen who build the car.

"We have seen with the Spec-V version that GT-R customers appreciate rarity and exclusivity and there is no doubt that Egoist is the most special GT-R yet.

"It will appeal to a wealthy customers who appreciate the finest things in life, yet who don't want to brag. It's exclusive and is bound to be rare... but perhaps the most appealing thing about GT-R Egoist is just how discreet it is," said Simon Thomas.

Nissan GT-R Egoist (Euro-spec): Photo Gallery, Review (1/2) and Specifications

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