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Saab 9-5 SportCombi: Distinctive Alternative Choice in Premium Wagon Segment

Source: Saab | Published: Fri Mar 04, 2011

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Dynamic and Functional

The deep cargo deck is fully carpeted and optimized for space and ease-of-use. The 60/40 split rear seatbacks fold down almost completely flat without having to reposition the seat squab or remove the head restraints. Careful attention to soundproofing in the rear bodywork attenuates noise, vibration and resonance so that occupants enjoy a level of interior refinement similar to that of the sedan.

With the seatbacks lowered, the cargo deck is 77.2 inches long (1,962 mm) and offers an adaptable load capacity of up to 1,600 liters (527 liters, rear seats up). The side walls are completely flat and upright, creating a clean, open space without any hard-to-use corners or rear wheel-arch intrusions. Compartments in the side walls offer convenient stowage for small items. Four tie-down loops and a 12-volt power outlet also come as standard.

An optional, U-shaped track around the outside of the floor provides flexible space configuration. As in the 9-5 sedan, it carries an adaptable, telescopic dividing rail which allows the cargo deck to be split as required so that different sized items can be separated and kept in place.

The floor, with a signature Saab aircraft-shaped handle, folds back in steps to access under-floor storage. When folded twice, an additional storage compartment is revealed for cars fitted with tire repair kits instead of a mini spare wheel. A pull-out support arm can be slotted in place to keep the folded floor in a fixed position. This provides further support for items stored in the under-floor recess, as a flexible alternative to using the entire cargo deck.

The underside of the floor has two fittings for flat stowage of the U-rail divider. They also carry hooks that can be used to organize bags, for example. A waterproof plastic liner, available as option, can be dropped into the recess to provide a separate wet storage area for sports equipment, outdoor clothing or muddy boots.

When a mini spare wheel is specified, it is covered by a flat panel which provides a sub-floor 2.6 inches (65 mm) below the main floor height - ideal for the separate stowage of flat or small items.

Smart Tailgate

For additional convenience, the tailgate is available with a remotely-controlled, electric power operation. It can be fully opened and closed via a rotary knob in the driver's door or a button on the car's key fob. A touch pad on the outside of the tailgate, above the number plate, and a button in the interior trim also trigger powered opening and closing.

A programmable mode can be used to raise the tailgate to a lower position if there is restricted clearance overhead, such as inside a garage. The opening height is pre-set via the rotary knob, which can also disable the powered function.

For ease of loading, the tailgate opens down to bumper level with a lift-over height of only 648 mm. The cargo deck floor is also flush with the tailgate opening to facilitate sliding heavy loads inside. A down-lighter in the tailgate and small sidewall lights provide excellent illumination of the load space at night.

A retracting cargo cover can also be slotted into lugs in the sidewalls immediately behind the rear seats. It keeps items out of sight and includes a convenient one-touch action which allows the ends of the locating bar to slide up channels on the inside of the D-pillars for convenient access to the cargo deck.

Saab 9-5 SportCombi: Photo Gallery, Review (1/2) and Specifications

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