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2006 HUMMER H1 Alpha


The H1 Alpha also has greater towing capacity. Gross Combined Weight Rating (the sum of vehicle, maximum cargo and towing capacities) increases by 2,000 pounds (907 kg), to 17,300 pounds (7847 kg).

The brake system has been enhanced, with larger-diameter rotors, from 10.7 inches (271 mm) to 12 inches (305 mm). The half-shafts on each axle and the steering gear have all been bolstered to better manage the Alpha’s increased capabilities. One of the H1’s unique and original suspension features – geared hubs at each wheel that contribute to the truck’s incredible crawling and climbing ability – have been redesigned for the H1 Alpha and feature a helical-cut gear set. This new design improves gear engagement, which reduces both the noise and rocking motion during deceleration and stopping maneuvers.

To accommodate the new dimensions of the Duramax 6600 and Allison 1000, the body of the H1 Alpha is positioned 2 inches higher than the previous H1. This provides slightly more clearance for the body panels from the wheels and from potential obstacles on trails.

Alpha is about performance more than style. However, there are a few visual enhancements to the H1 Alpha. The new Alpha shield logo appears on a badge just above the rear bumper. A Duramax badge adorns the front driver’s side corner of the body, surrounded by a redesigned brush guard. The wheels have also been freshened, featuring a new, brighter finish.

On the inside, the H1 Alpha features the revised interior that debuted on the 2004 H1. Those improvements included leather seats, revised controls and more luxurious surfaces throughout.

The HUMMER H1 can do things no other vehicle can do – such as scale 22-inch (559 mm) rock ledges, ford 30 inches (762 mm) of water and climb 60-percent grades. These uncompromised, unrivaled off-roading capabilities enable the H1 to stake its claim as the ultimate all-terrain vehicle.

In 1992, after the Gulf War, AM General launched a civilian version of the HUMVEE named HUMMER. Save for a few refinements, the original civilian HUMMER was essentially unchanged from its military counterpart, with the same basic design and components. The H1 established the blueprint for the HUMMER brand and was designed above all to be capable.

H1 has kept intact the military specifications that made the HUMVEE famous, but added creature comforts along the way. In 2004, the interior of the H1 received a complete makeover. Premium leather seating, Berber carpet and new color themes brought the H1 more in line with today’s luxury vehicles. Refinements to the overhead and center consoles provided a cleaner, sleeker look and enhanced interior space.

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