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Ford Racing at 2005 SEMA

Source: Ford Motor Company | Published: Fri Nov 04, 2005

There will be something else electrifying the Las Vegas strip this week besides the dazzling lights and glittering resorts.

Ford will be showcasing a new line of racing products in an exciting way at the annual SEMA show.

"At every auto show we always talk about the power of our vehicles," said Bob Adams, manager, Global Auto Shows and Event Strategy. "At SEMA, we're going to give people an opportunity to experience the power for themselves."

Adams is referring to an exhibit – the first of its kind in the world at an indoor auto show -- called the "Dyno Display," which was designed to simulate a quarter mile race on a drag strip. Dyno is short for dynamometer – a machine used to measure the power of an engine. A car is parked on rollers which turn with the car's wheels and measure the power of the vehicle as it accelerates.

But sitting atop the Dyno is not just any car.

It is a 450-horsepower supercharged Ford Racing Mustang GT customized with special features from Ford Racing Performance Part's new line of Mustang "Performance Packs," which were introduced for the first time at SEMA.

"Mustang is the king when it comes to driving performance parts business," said Jamie Allison, manager, Ford Racing Performance Parts. Three packages -- a Power Pack, Drag Pack and Handling Pack -- will now be available for purchase from any authorized Ford Racing distributor or Ford dealer.

"The FRPP Performance Packs for Mustang are grounded in championship-winning engineering and race-proven experience," he said. "They are the perfect platform for enthusiasts to customize, personalize and enhance their Mustangs for the street or track."

According to Adams, there's no better way to showcase a new racing performance package than to let people get behind the wheel and start the engine.

"They will be able to squeal the tires, shift the gears and try to finish in the best time," he said. "More importantly, they will be able to experience firsthand the power, smoothness and versatility of the Ford Racing Mustang."

The driver is signaled to start through a headset and a series of lights on a "Christmas tree." When the race is over, the horsepower and speed of the car are measured along with the driver's reaction time and elapsed race time.

According to Adams, building the Dyno Display in a way that alleviated concerns about noise levels, exhaust fumes and safety, among other things, was quite a challenge. But he and his team came up with innovative ways to solve all potential problems.

"We engineered everything from a safety perspective," he explained. "We've got safety straps to hold the car down, ballistic shields around the transmission under the hood and we've taken fire safety precautions."

Exhaust fumes from the car will be vented through the ceiling of the convention hall to the outdoors, and Adams does not expect noise to be a problem because they've incorporated sound-deadening elements into the display.

"We're bringing the excitement and adventure of drag racing inside our booth," said Adams. "It's a huge thrill."

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