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Lively and Imposing Exterior Styling

Without detracting from the strength or the level of functionality, Mazda wanted to give the exterior of the BT-50 an athletic design, overflowing with movement, that would make people immediately want to get in and drive.

The finished car has a beauty and individuality that can be recognized at a glance from any angle, even up to 300 feet away.

Dynamic wedge-shaped proportions evoke an image of a large carnivore about to pounce on its unsuspecting prey. This is unlike any other utility.

Casting off the conventional boxy image of a utility, sporty and dynamic lines are in tune with the rest of Mazda's passenger vehicle lineup. Further evolving Mazda's traditional prominent fenders, muscular lines flow from the fenders along the body sides.

Mazda's family face, the five-point grille, is further evolved for a more imposing expression with the headlights and a chrome crossbar forming a large pentagon. The headlights have a bold boomerang shape, elaborate details and a functional beauty.

A first in the segment - the taillights are stretched horizontally, reaching around the corners and across the tailgate, for a sporty and refined rear view that is similar to a premium SUV.

Mazda BT-50: Photo Gallery, Review (1/2) and Specifications

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